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Universal Credit is a benefit for people who are out of work or on a low income.  It is not backdated, so you need to apply as soon as your circumstances change.  It replaced the following benefits and combines them into one monthly payment:

With Universal Credit, money towards your housing costs is paid to you, so it is important that you make arrangements to pay your rent.


In important part of a Universal Credit claim is the 'Claimant Commitment'.  In order to receive the benefit you must agree to carry out certain actions when requested.  This could include things like checking the on-line portal at regular intervals, attending job interviews or preparing a CV.  It is very important that you do what is required or your benefit can be reduced.  This is called a 'Benefit Sanction'.


In order to claim you will need to gather the following information:

It is worth taking some time to understand Universal Credit so that you understand how it works.  The following links may be useful:


<< CITIZENS ADVICE - Guide to Universal Credit >>



<< Department for Work & Pensions - How to claim Universal Credit >>






Please contact the office if you are one of our tenants and you need help with your Universal Credit application.