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Brief Summary of Tenant Rights

As a tenant of a Housing Association you have some basic rights.  This page provides a summary of those rights.  More information can be found in your Tenants Handbook or by contacting the office.


A Decent Home 

The Government has set a minimum standard for Social Housing called the Decent Homes Standards.  To meet the standard your home must be in a reasonable state of repair, free from health and safety hazards (including damp).   It must have a kitchen with adequate space and layout, 20 years old or less and an appropriately located bathroom, 30 years old or less. It must have adequate insulation against noise in noisy environments and effective insulation and efficient heating.

Your home should be fit for human habitation.

Electrical Safety

Your electrical installation should be safe.  An electrical test should be carried out every 5 years.


Gas Safety

Where you have a gas installation, you should have a gas safety check every 12 months and you should be provided with a copy of the certificate.


Fire Safety 

You should have functioning smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms should be installed in every room with a gas appliance (excluding cookers).


Personal Data 

You have rights under the Data Protection Act, including the right to be informed when your personal data is collected, the right of access to your data and the right for any errors to be corrected.  See our Privacy Notice for more information,



You have right to be consulted about changes to the service provided as part of your tenancy, or the landlord service provided by Family Housing Association.



You have right to be given reasonable notice of when we need access to your home to carry out repairs, maintenance or inspections.


Right to Make Improvements 

You have right to make improvements to your home but there is a process to follow and you must explain in writing what work you are planning and demonstrate that those carrying out the work are appropriately qualified.  We will not unreasonably withhold permission for any work you want to carry out.



You have right to for repairs you have notified us about to be carried out within a reasonable timescale and to a reasonable standard. 


Enjoying your home 

You have the right to peacefully enjoy your home and we must take reasonable steps to deal with any Anti-Social Behaviour that affects you.




If you would like any more information please contact the office on 0151 647 5000