Family Housing Association (Birkenhead & Wirral) Ltd, Marcus House, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, Telephone: 0151 647 5000


Privacy Notice


1)     Summary

This is a public document which is intended to explain how Family Housing Association (Birkenhead & Wirral) Limited collects and processes personal information.


2)     Who are we?

Family Housing Association (Birkenhead & Wirral) Limited is a charitable Housing Association that provides homes at low rents to people in housing need.  In order to provide and maintain homes we need to;


3)     Who do we collect information about?

We need information about various groups of people in order to provide services to our tenants and maintain our properties.  They include;


4)   Why do we collect information?


5)     What Information do we collect?

Applicants – We need their name, address, contact details, current landlord, household details, references and we record details of our assessment.

Tenants – We need their name, address, National Insurance Number, contact telephone numbers, e-mail address, gender, their preferred method of communication, date of birth, emergency contact details, their doctor and proof of ID.  We also need the name, date of birth and gender of other members of their household.

Employees / Job Applicants – We need their name, address, NI Number, contact numbers, emergency contacts, driving license, driving endorsements, hobbies / interests, criminal convictions, previous employment details, qualifications and referees.

Board Members – We need their name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, date of birth, ethnic origin (for equality monitoring), profession / occupation and employers address.

Property Information – We keep records of all the repairs carried out to a property and the age and cost of its key components such as the kitchen, bathroom and boiler.


6)     Who do we share information with and why?


 7)     How long do we keep data?

We keep data relating to applicants for 6 years.  We keep data relating to our tenants for the duration of their tenancy.  Once our relationship with a tenant has come to an end, we erase sensitive personal information and only retain enough information to keep a historical record of who occupied the property.  CCTV images are automatically erased each month unless they are being used as evidence in a criminal or civil legal proceedings.


8)  What rights do you have?

Individuals have a number of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Bill 2018.  To summarise briefly, those rights include:

To find out more information about your rights, contact us or visit the Information Commissioners Office at


9)  What should you do if you’re not happy with the data we collect or how we use it?


10)       Who should I contact at Family Housing if I want to discuss this further?

We have a small team of staff, all of which will be able to help you with general queries.  For technical queries or advice, please contact Mark French or Christopher Sorrentino-Ryan.  Our address is Family Housing Association, Marcus House, Marcus Street, Birkenhead CH41 3NY.  Our telephone number is 0151 647 5000.  We can be contacted by e-mail at