Family Housing Association (Birkenhead & Wirral) Ltd, Marcus House, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, Telephone: 0151 647 5000


P A Y I N G    Y O U R    R E N T 

The Association provides various ways in which you can pay your rent:


Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the easiest way for you to pay your rent.  We agree with you how much and how often your rent is taken from your account.   We can set a Direct Debit up with you over the phone.  We will always ask your permission before changing your Direct Debit and all Direct Debits are confirmed in writing.  Direct Debits are convenient because as long as you have the funds in your account, your rent will be paid automatically.  Direct Debits are covered by the 'Direct Debit Guarantee' which means that if there are any errors, your account will be re-funded without delay.  The Direct Debit service is provided in conjunction with Allpay.  To set up a Direct Debit phone the office on 647 5000.


Standing Order

A Standing Order is an agreement between you and your bank.  You would be responsible for setting up a standing order and for changing it when your rent is reviewed each year.  Standing Orders are convenient because as long as you have the funds in your account, your rent will be paid automatically.


Cash or Cheque

We provide our tenants who wish to pay by Cash or Cheque with a Rent Payment Card.  You can pay your rent by presenting your Rent Payment Card and Payment at any PayPoint or Post Office across the country.  You will be given a receipt which you should keep as proof of payment.  Rent Payment Cards are provided in conjunction with Allpay.



You can pay using a Debit Card over the telephone using your Rent Payment Card.  Simply phone Allpay on 0330 041 6497 and ensure you have your Rent Payment Card and Debit Card to hand.



You can also pay your rent over the Internet.  You will need your Rent Payment Card and Debit Card to hand.  Click on the button below to be re-directed to the service to make your payment.  This is a secure service which you can use with confidence.


Allpay App

If you have a smart phone, you can make payments by downloading the allpay app.  The app is available from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.  For more information on the app, <click here>.


Debit Card Payments

We can accept rent payments by Debit Card if you call in person to our office.  We accept all major card providers including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay.