Family Housing Association (Birkenhead & Wirral) Ltd, Marcus House, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, Telephone: 0151 647 5000

Important Safety Information for Tenants

Before carrying out any work on your home, please read the information below.  If you are not sure, please contact the office for advice before carrying out any work on 0151 647 5000 or read your Tenant's Handbook for more information.


Sanding / Drilling or Cutting - Asbestos Warning 

Some of our homes contain Asbestos.  The type of Asbestos found in our homes is not dangerous if it is not disturbed.  Asbestos is typically found in floor tiles, meter cupboards, around the roofline / guttering and in some textured coatings to wall and ceiling plaster.  NEVER drill, cut or sand any part of your home without getting advice from us first.


Electrical Safety

Changes to your electrical installation must be carried out by someone with appropriate qualifications.  This includes things like changing light fittings, adding or changing electric sockets, installing electric cookers, replacing light switches etc.   You should get consent from us before carrying out any changes to your electrical installation.  We will check that the person you propose to use is suitably qualified and may require them to supply a 'Minor Works Certificate' once the work is complete.  REMEMBER - Electricity is dangerous.  Electric shocks can kill instantly.  Electrical faults can cause a FIRE.  Don't risk your life or those of your family or your neighbours, always use a qualified electrician.


Gas Safety

Changes or repairs to gas appliances, such as boilers, gas fires or gas cookers must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered contractor.  Gas fires and boilers are our responsibility so please report any faults to the office.  You must get our consent before changing any part of your gas installation.  If you smell gas, turn off the gas supply at the meter, open windows and call the office or 0800 111 999 if the office is closed.  Do not switch electrical items on or off, as the switch could cause a tiny spark that could ignite the gas.


Fire Safety 

You are responsible for fire safety in your home.



If you would like any more information please contact the office on 0151 647 5000