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How to Complain

When things go wrong

We want to deliver the best possible service to our tenants. Unfortunately we do not always achieve this and there are times when we get things wrong or let our tenants down. When this happens we want to try and put things right.


Our Service Standards

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to expect from us. You may not be happy with a service we have provided but could be unsure as to whether you are expecting too much. To understand what to expect the first step is to compare your experience with our Service Standards. They can be found in your Tenants Handbook, Annual Report or on our website. Full details of our Service Standards are available on request.


Right to Complain

All our tenants have the right to complain if they are unhappy with us. If you choose to make a complaint it will not be held against you in future and you will continue to receive the same services from us and will be treated with respect.  We have adopted the following as the definition of a complaint: "An expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions, or lack of action by Family Housing Association, its own staff, or those acting upon our behalf, affecting an individual tenant, resident or group of tenants or residents."


Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

The first step in making a complaint is to contact the office and to explain why you are unhappy. We will listen to your concerns and will try and agree a solution. If we need to carry out further investigations we will try to respond within 10 working days. If you are unhappy with our proposed solution or with the way your complaint has been handled you can escalate the matter to stage 2.  A member of the Management Team will be responsible for investigating and responding to your complaint. 


Stage 2

If you are not satisfied with the response in Stage 1, you can escalate your complaint to Stage 2.  The Chief Executive will be responsible for investigating and responding to your complaint.  Your complaint does not need to be made in writing but it will be recorded in writing by the Association.   You should explain the nature of the problem and what you think we should do to put it right.  The Chief Executive will review your complaint and may contact you for further information. The Chief Executive will investigate the complaint and where possible, will respond within 20 working days.

Family Housing Association will provide a written explanation of:

Our address is Family Housing Association, Marcus House, Marcus Street, Birkenhead. CH41 3NY


3) Housing Ombudsman Service 

If you remain dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint you can ask the Housing Ombudsman Service to investigate. Any referral to the Ombudsman must be made before 6 months has elapsed from the decision of the Board.

The Ombudsman can only seek to resolve complaints once the Associationís own procedures have been exhausted.

We will comply with the Ombudsman's decision, from which there is no right of appeal. Contact details for the Housing Ombudsman can be found in the useful numbers section


The Housing Ombudsman can offer advice and support throughout the complains process, not just at Stage 3.






Housing Ombudsman Service 

0300 111 3000


Citizens Advice 

0300 33 00 111

Birkenhead - 50 Argyle Street, CH41 6AF

Wallasey - 237 Liscard Road, CH44 5TH





If you would like any more information please contact the office on 0151 647 5000