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Customer Panel Meeting - September 2023 

Family Housing Association (FHA) reviews all existing Policies on a three-yearly basis, or sooner if there are legal or regulatory changes that affect them. There are four policies due to be reviewed shortly, firstly by tenant members of the Customer Panel on 21st September, and then by Board Members at the Board Meeting in October.  We welcome the views of all tenants, so that they can be taken account when updating the policies.  If you are a tenant of the Association and would like a copy of any of the policies below, please contact the office.


A) Harassment & Hate Crime Policy

This policy explains how we will respond to allegations of Harassment or Hate Crime.  The proposed updates to the policy include a new Triage section and the completion of a Risk Assessment.  There are also new sections covering Equality and Diversity and Data Protection.  


B) Rechargeable Repairs Policy

This Policy explains the circumstances where a tenant will be charged for carrying out a repair.  No changes are suggested to the existing policy.


C) Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

This Policy explains how the Association will react when a tenant behaves in an unreasonable manner, including aggressive of threatening language towards contractors or staff, malicious complaints, nuisance communications or making unreasonable demands.  No changes are suggested to the existing policy.


D) Neighbourhood Managment Policy

This new policy has been created in response to good practice guidance from the Housing Ombudsman.  Amongst other things, it explains how the Association will deal with complaints from tenants about other residents behaviour when it does not fall within the definition of Anti-Social Behaviour.  It describes a range of tools and actions that Staff can take to resolve neighbour disputes and some of the preventative actions we will take to avoid disputes in the first instance.  


If you would like to read the Policies in full or to comment upon them, then please contact Family Housing Association on 0151 647 5000, or via